Rite in the Rain Notebooks – RadNomad Gear Review

There’s something to be said about the temerity of man in the enterprise of creating nigh-indestructible paper.

I mean it’s paper. One of the most flimsy and delicate things we use on a daily basis. To over-engineer it until it’ll withstand everything from the washing machine to monsoons to the ravages of time with nary a mark to show for it… that’s some #humanityfuckyeah right there.

About 101 years ago a logger by the name of Jerry Darling made this his mission, and gave birth the the Rite in the Rain company and their “Defying Mother Nature” slogan.

One of their products is a little pocket notebook called the Memo that I’ve carried around with me for the past few years, completely filling up a few & subjecting them to unreasonable abuse and testing against every condition I could think up (including fire, the washing machine, blood, endless condiments & spills, & underwater writing).

After all that, here is my item by item breakdown of how the RITR Memo stands up beside every claim its creators make for it (and some they don’t).

Disclaimer: This review is not paid for or related to Rite in the Rain as a company in any way. Everything here is 100% my opinion, and I am under no obligation or expectation whatsoever to give a favourable review (and have given unfavourable reviews to crappy products in the past). The following is my unfiltered and honest opinion, and nothing else.

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