Outlier Slim Dungarees – RadNomad Gear Review

What if you only needed to own one pair of pants?

A pair that you could wear every single day, no matter the occasion.

Be it rock climbing, pitching a project to a client, or getting drinks with that painfully attractive Tinder date… these pants could go from one to the next without a loss of style, comfort, or utility.

What would they look like?

Well for starters, they’d have to be hella durable, right? Durable enough to be worn every day, in every situation, without breaking down. Durable enough to withstand a life of reckless abandon, survive thousands of rough falls & rusty metal, and stay in top shape a year later. No holes, no wear down, no marks at all.

And more than just durable, the material would have to be anti-bacterial enough that you can wear it for a week straight of hiking the Bhutan mountains without washing them before they begin to smell.

And, while we’re talking about ideals and not reality, these pants would somehow manage to be flexible enough to climb cliff walls and practice yoga at their top, while looking classy enough to wear to a craft cocktail bar after sunset.

They’d also shrug off spills, of course. Able to repel any liquid from water to coffee to wine like it’s falling on a glass window. And when some tropical storm actually manages get them wet, they’d be dry and ready to go after an hour or two hanging.

Oh, and did I mention that they’d have to be more comfortable than any pair of jeans you’ve ever worn; soft and gentle against your skin despite their rugged durability?

And, of course, they’d be imbued with the spirit of legendary heroes and warriors, imbuing your every step with greater grace and agility than a mere mortal should be able to attain.

This ideal of the pinnacle of pants is what the Outlier clothing company pursues. They’ve laid claim to each of the above seeming miracles in their Outlier Slim Dungarees… well, except for long dead heros bit.

outlier-slim-dungarees-abandoned-buildingSo, for the last 25 months of my life, I’ve worn the same pair of Outlier pants almost every single day to test this out.

At one point, I didn’t wash them for 8 weeks.

They’ve seen me sweating buckets in >30C Singaporean weather, driving through the flooded streets of a Balinese monsoon, waist deep in the snow drifts of Toronto’s coldest winter month ever (going below -25C plus wind chill), hiking through mountainous Indonesian forest, exploring & climbing around abandoned theme parks, hotels, and towers, working knee deep in muddy rice fields, practicing parkour on concrete surfaces, falling off my penny board, and going through more tumbles, tight squeezes, and scrapes than I can count. They’ve even been with me through a couple scooter wipeouts (the scooter that looks like a motorcycle, not the kid’s toy).

I’ve gone to multiple weddings (including my own), dressed up for dates, and attended formal religious events…in the same pants.


All in the name of discovering the best pair of pants ever created for the digital nomad.

So….do the Outlier Slim Dungarees measure up? Are they worthy of being named the very best pants ever designed for the digital nomad?

After 25 months of grueling testing, here’s what I’ve learned…

Disclaimer: This review is not paid for or related to Outlier as a company in any way. Everything here is 100% my opinion, and I am under no obligation or expectation whatsoever to give a favourable review (and have given unfavourable reviews to crappy products in the past). I don’t even get an affiliate income off of this one. The following is my unfiltered and honest opinion, and nothing else.