RadNomad - Why I Love Minimalist Travel GearI am in love with gear.

More specifically, minimalist gear designed for nomads who live out of a single school-sized backpack.

In the world of a minimalist nomad, gear is everything that you own.

Because, when you only own 50 or so things in the world, which you carry around on your back, you can devote unreasonable amounts of time & money into making sure those are the best 50 things possible.

They have to be worth their weight on your back and their space in your bag. They have to be excellently design to serve their purpose as efficiently and beautifully as possible, while take up as little time, energy, space, and weight as possible.

And, of course, they have to be durable as hell. Able to withstand complete submersion in water, rough scrapes and falls, blazing desert sun, continual hard use, and all the trials & tribulations that you’re going to inflict upon them in your world-trotting life.

For the gear loving nomad like me, finding pieces gear like this is a search for a holy grail. And when you find things like the best pen ever invented by man and the best pants ever sews for the adventurous nomad, you’re reward with a little boost of happiness everything you see them serve their purpose and make your life better in a way nothing else in the world can.

These are things that are the epitome of their class. They allow us to be completely mobile. To live out of a carry-on backpack, smaller than many people’s day packs. And yet, I have all that I need on hand at all times, and am more prepared for random situations than anyone else I know.

I love gear because, when you have the right gear, you have everything you’ll ever need or want, on hand, and ready to come around the world with you. Ready to serve as quiet little pleasures and tools to make your adventures and memories run smoother.

And here, at RadNomad, is where I will be hunting down and one day creating the best gear in the world for minimalist digital nomads.